Exceptional beaches along Pirate Coast in the Bay of Samaná

During the colonial period the north coast of the Bay of Samaná was a wild and mysterious place. The dense forests, the absence of roads and the almost impossible task of traveling between Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata and Santiago – three of the country’s most important and oldest cities – contributed to the isolation of the region.

These were perfect conditions for all kinds of pirates to use the region as a hiding or as a must-stop to stock up on fresh water and food.

The mouth of the “Limón” River, and the nearby Morón beach, were used frequently by pirates and buccaneers.

Today, however, these wonderful and pristine beaches are quiet and safe places that the traveler can get to either by boat or by land. Visitors can visit the “Pirate Coast” by leaving from the “El Limon” village, in Samaná, on the country’s northeast region.

All roads leading from “El Limon” will take the visitor to some of the region’s most beautiful beaches, such as “El Limon,” “Moron,” “Lanza del Norte” and “Las Canas.”

Still visible on “Moron” beach is a cannon that once belonged to Napoleon’s forces, when they invaded the island of Hispaniola in 1802 in order to crush the uprising of Haitian slaves.

The French left behind those particular cannon, along with three others, in order to defend the area.

The “Lanza del Norte” is a beautiful beach with a stunning backdrop of sand that continues in the neighboring beach of “Las Canas.” In the middle of “Las Canas” is a freshwater lagoon which flows into the sea.

Mangrove trees grow freely in this pristine natural environment.

In order to visit these beaches, the traveler should do so in a front-wheel drive vehicle, although the roads tend to be in pretty good condition.

The most accessible of all the roads is the one found near the mouth of the “Limon” river.

If you like adventure, it is recommended that you reach the “Limon” beach by traveling two miles down the “Limon” river.

It will be an unforgettable ride. (For more information on tours: Santi Ranch Tours, 829-342-9976, or write: limonsanti@gmail.com).

Adolfo Lopez
Environmental Consultant

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