“Dominican Treasures”: a deeper look at the Dominican Republic

Many of the country’s ecotourism and cultural products, as well as tourism services that fall under the “sustainable tourism” category, will be identified with a “Dominican Treasures” seal of approval.

The quality seal was created by the Dominican Tourism Competitiveness Consortium.

The products and services that will receive the “Dominican Treasures” stamp will reflect the authenticity of local products.

This is important for both the national and international visitor that travel outside the country’s hotels and beaches, with the hopes of taking a closer look at the Dominican Republic, its people, culture and natural beauty.

The Competitiveness Consortium, as the certifying agency, ensures that the seal is issued to all products and services that meet the quality standards established.

The Consortium was created through the efforts of the country’s nine tourism and cultural clusters.

The organization brings together the efforts of many communities and businesses involved in the country’s tourism development, and that focus on sustainable efforts.

The seal will be issued to the most varied of products and services, such as tourist accommodations in rural areas, culinary experiences, guided tours, arts and crafts, hiking trails and transportation services that offer excellent customer service.

In the Caribbean region the Dominican Republic is the country with the most diverse ecosystems.  It features the “Pico Duarte,” the Caribbean’s highest peak, green forests and sand dunes.

The country also has one of the region’s most diverse cultural heritage.

For more information on “Dominican Treasures,” you may visit the following websites: info@dominicantreasures.com; www.dominicantreasures.com.

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