Breathtaking seven keys in Montecristi: a visit to paradise

Situated in Montecristi Bay, on the country’s northwest coast, is one of the best kept secrets of the Caribbean: the Keys of the Seven Brothers.  The small keys are found in a secluded area in the bay.

These discrete formations are surrounded by breathtaking white-sand beaches. A visit to the keys is a direct encounter with nature.

The keys, along with the surrounding waters, are now part of the “Keys of the Seven Brothers Wildlife Refuge,” created in 1987 to protect the beautiful and unique ecosystems that are found in the area.

The refuge is also the natural habitat of one of the region’s most important bird species: the bubíes (Sula sula).

Visiting the keys is a spectacular experience, especially during the nesting season of bubíes.  The birds will flutter around the visitors in the hundreds. Due to the fragile ecological systems of the keys, visiting some of them may require special permits from the Ministry of the Environment and visitors must be accompanied by a guide.

This will ensure that a visit to the keys will be carried out with the utmost care and respect to the environment, and that the birds in the area will not be affected by visitors.

In the nearby coral reefs visitors will be able to come up close and personal with several colonial shipwrecks.

Coral-covered cannons, and important deposits of ballast stones and other objects bear witness to terrible shipwrecks that occurred hundreds of years ago.

Interested tourists should bring with them their snorkel gear, in order to see some of these colonial relics.

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Adolfo Lopez
Environmental Consultant

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