Anthony Bourdain in the Dominican Republic

The world famous American chef, author and television personality, who travels the world in order to experience international cuisine, recently visited the Dominican Republic.

Bourdain is the producer of the television program “No Reservations,” which airs on the Discovery Travel & Living channel, and was a former chef at the Brasserie Les Halles (New York, Miami and Washington).

His popular television program is seen by more than 20 million households in Latin America.

In each program Bourdain presents his audience with the most popular dishes of the country he is visiting. The program on the Dominican Republic will be broadcast in October.

During his visit to the country he visited a community in the town of Villa Mella, north of the capital city of Santo Domingo.

Villa Mella was an enclave for freed slaves during the colonial years; a grocery store in the city’s Colonial Section; Boca Chica, the capital city’s closes and most popular beach and the northeast province of Samaná.

Bourdain enjoyed Dominican-style pork; fried fish and the famous Dominican “sancocho,” or stew.

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