“DMK Abogados” is involved in many sectors, but tourism is Enrique de Marchena’s Passion

“It’s In my blood”

“DMK Abogados” is involved in many sectors, but tourism is Enrique de Marchena’s Passion

The “DMK Abogados” is currently the number one law firm in the Dominican Republic specializing in the tourism sector. Head attorney Enrique De Marchena explained that although his office represents clients from many sectors, tourism is by far his number one passion. That’s because tourism is in his blood. His father was one of the sector’s most important pioneers and founders of the National Association of Hotels and Restaurants (ASONAHORES) of the Dominican Republic.

ACCESS recently interviewed attorney De Marchena:

ACCESS: When does the story begin linking DMK and Enrique De Marchena to tourism?

De Marchena (DMK): My story began when I was 11 and my parents took me to a Tourism Convention at the Montemar Hotel, in Puerto Plata.  From then on I always saw my father, Enrique de Marchena, participating in activities and discussions related to the industry.  He was a pioneer in the country’s tourism industry. I graduated as an attorney 28 years ago, and have been involved in the tourism industry during these years.

ACCESS: Why tourism? Is it only tourism? What is your ranking amongst local law firms?

DMK:  I’m involved in the tourism industry because I love it. It’s in my blood. My father was a pioneer in this industry. However, at “DMK Abogados” we aren’t only involved in tourism industry cases. Our firm has been representing clients for the past 20 years, with notable achievements in the areas of corporate, financial, labor and land laws, among others. We have also represented clients in other industries, such as mining, free zones and energy sectors, to name a few. Currently, we are recognized as the leading firm in the country’s tourism sector.

ACCESS: What has been your experience in supporting large real estate tourism projects? Can you give us a few examples.

DMK: We have represented five mega-tourism real estate projects right from the planning stages. We still represent some of these projects. We worked on introducing the first theme park to the Dominican Republic, and we have represented hotels, airlines, tour operators, restaurants, duty-free shops and many others.

ACCESS: DMK has opened offices in Punta Cana? Why?

DMK: Punta Cana receives 54% of all international tourists visiting the country. Since we are the leading law firm in the tourism sector, represent major tourism real estate projects in the area, as well as hotels, we decided that opening offices in this region was a “happy obligation.” We are here to stay. The same goes for Puerto Plata.

ACCESS: Tell us briefly about DMK’s international presence.

DMK: The firm is a partner of Central Law, a regional law firm with offices in seven countries and eleven cities.  The countries are: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama and the DR   Some 125 attorneys are part of this international law firm. I am currently the president of Central Law. We also have on-going working relationships with lawyers in major cities throughout the United States and Europe since we are members of an international network of lawyers.

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