“Buggy” ride through the Caribbean’s tallest mountain range

Three nature trails have been built around the mountain town of Jarabacoa, situated in the very heart of the Caribbean’s tallest mountain chain.

The trails have been specifically designed for nature and adventure lovers.

Those interested can ride along these trails on the 4 x 4 “buggies,” small SUV-look alikes that are safe and easy to drive. It is a very different way of coming into contact with nature and the surrounding landscape.

There are four clearly distinct paths from which to choose from:

“Ruta Light”– A 28-mile path that can be covered in one hour.

“Ruta Full” – A 49-mile journey, covered in two hours.

“Ruta Extrema” – 58 kilometer long, and nearly three hours to cover.

The visitor will experience great challenges, exciting river crossings, bumps, uphill and downhill paths, and mountain paths.

The company “Jarabacoa Riders” has a professional team trained for the “buggy” ride experience. Their most important asset is their high safety standard.”

For more information, please visit www.facebook.com /jarabacoariders.

The town of Jarabacoa is situated in one of the country’s most important eco-tourism regions, specifically in the very heart of the Dominican Republic’s central mountain range, the tallest in the entire Caribbean region.

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