A real temptation: Visiting Montecristi, a very special place

The recently inaugurated “El Morro, Hotel Eco Adventure” is now open for business in Montecristi, the province situated on the country’s extreme northwest region.

The fully-equipped 12-room facility is a wonderful oasis in the middle of the region’s hot, and very dry, landscape.

The boutique hotel also offers two restaurants, a swimming pool with a children’s area, a helipad and guided tours so that the visitor can discover and enjoy the region’s incredibly diverse environment.

The hotel lives up to its slogan: “Your Adventure Spot”. To begin with, the “El Morro” hotel is situated right next to the “El Morro” National Park, a 239-meter tall rock structure that resembles a sleeping camel.

The National Park’s roads are not very steep, and provide the visitor with beautiful landscapes.

There is also a beautiful hiking trail, for the more sports-oriented visitor.

Also nearby is an extensive area of ​​mangrove trees lining beautiful channels that can be visited on small boats.

For those who want to exercise more and truly enjoy the beautiful scenery, guided tours will recommend a three-hour kayak trip.

The channels also provide excellent spots for snorkeling and swimming. Photographers will also enjoy the pristine surroundings, especially because they are home to the most varied and colorful wildlife. The region’s beaches can also be visited on mountain bikes or by walking.

Cultural Tour

The province’s history can also be understood much easier by the visiting tourist by taking a cultural tour through the region’s most important historic sites.  Amongst the most recommended are the “Parque del Reloj” (Watch Tower Park); the “Manolo Tavares Justo” Park; the “Maximo Gomez” Museum (birthplace of the Dominican national who became the hero of the Cuban independence movement in the late 19th century) and the beautiful Victorian homes that have come to symbolize this beautiful town.

Its traditional carnival is also one of the region’s oldest and most colorful.

Unique Cuisine

The “El Morro” boutique hotel offers a fine dining experience, because it takes the region’s most typical dishes to another level.  Famous for its goat meat, the hotel’s restaurants offer this traditional dish in the most varied ways.

Bird Sanctuary

A visit to Montecristi should also include a visit to the “Cayos 7 Hermanos” (The Keys of the 7 Brothers).

These seven small islands, situated off the coast, are surrounded by crystal-clear waters that are just perfect for swimming and snorkeling.  All have been officially designated as a national wildlife refuge because of the impressive number of birds that visit them each year.

Migratory birds from the United States next in these small keys during the months of June and July.

For more information, contact Miguelina Butron at “Rural Tourism Dominicana,” 809540530/ Info@turismoruraldominicana.com

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