430,000 cruise ship tourists visit the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic recently participated in the “Seatrade Cruise Shipping Convention 2012,” held in Miami, Florida.

The international event was attended by Richard D. Fain, the president and CEO of Royal Caribbean LTD.

Mr. Fain met with the representative from the Dominican Ministry of Tourism, Orfila Salazar, at the Dominican Republic stand at the event.

He also met with other members of the Dominican delegation that participated in the fair.

The cruise-ship industry has become important for the Dominican tourism industry.

During the 2010-2011 season some 250 cruise ships, carrying some 430,000 passengers entered the country through the country’s four cruise ports.

The “Seatrade Cruise Shipping Convention 2012,” held at the Miami Beach Convention Center, brought together key players in the cruise industry such as port officials, the presidents and CEOs of major international shipping companies such as “Carnival Cruise Lines,” “Royal Caribbean,” “Celebrity,” “Holland” and “Norwegian,” among others.

During the event the U.S.-based company Carnival Cruise Lines announced an investment of US$65 million in the Maimon cruise ship terminal in Puerto Plata, on the country’s north coast.

The Dominican delegation was headed by Cruise Director, Orfila Salazar, from the Ministry of Tourism; the director of the Dominican Tourism Office in Miami; Wendy Justo, Sharon Mei and Estela Nuñez, from the Sans Souci Port in Santo Domingo; Federico and Francisco Schad, from the Port of Samana; Francisco Carreras, from the Frederick Schad shipping company; Luis Rodriguez and Arturo Fernandez, from the Port of La Romana; Jochi Mella, president of Travel Net; Briseida Olivero, from the Santo Domingo Cluster; and artisan Esteban Guillen. The “Seatrade Cruise Shipping Convention,” held annually in Miami, is one of the major cruise fairs in the world. The cruise port industry in Miami is one of the largest in the world.

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