The Dominican Republic: excellent destination for retirees

The country has been ranked in the 19th slot on the “International Living Global Retirement Index 2012.”

The list is put together by “International Living,” a publication designed to provide information on foreign destinations recommended for retirees (

The country has receives a score of 76.8 points on this list.

The first position on the list received 83 points. In the 2010 report, the Dominican Republic was ranked 24th on the same list, with a score of 63 points.

The Dominican Republic offers retirees various living communities from which to choose from, the beach or mountain communities. The International Living Global Retirement Index takes into account the characteristics of the real estate sector, special benefits for retirees, how easy it is for a retiree to bond with the local community, the cost of living index, quality of health services, entertainment and climate. Each of these options is assigned a score which produces the final index rating.

The score for the Dominican Republic was 93 for real estate (rental or purchase); 68 for special benefits; 60 for in cost of living; 85 for community integration;89 for entertainment; 72 for quality of health services and 75 for weather.

The final overall index is 76.8.

International Living defines the beaches of the Dominican Republic as “long stretches of fine white sand.” It also explains that the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea are excellent for diving, swimming, surfing and windsurfing.

It also recommends the tourism areas of “Las Terrenas,” on the country’s northeast region, describing it as a “piece of paradise” on Earth.

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