Dominican film in Chicago film festival

The Dominican film “Checkmate,” starring Dominican actor Frank Perozo, will participate in the Chicago Latin Film Festival 2012, scheduled from April 13 through the 26th.

The film is directed by Jose Maria Cabral.  It will open in Santo Domingo in April.

The film tells the story of David, the renowned television host of a popular program in the Caribbean.

During the call-in part of the program he receives a telephone call from a man who says he has taken the man’s wife and son hostage in their very own home.

The hijacker forces David to continue the program, prohibiting commercial breaks.  In the past few years the Dominican Republic has seen the growth of an emerging film industry, thanks to the introduction of an incentive law that encourages local filming.

Some six to ten films are being produced and filmed annually in the Dominican Republic.

World-famous directors, such as Sydney Pollack (Havana), Andy Garcia (The Lost City) and Robert de Niro (The Good Shepherd) have filmed segments of these movies in the Dominican Republic.  Michael Mann’s Miami Vice movie was also filmed in the DR.

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