Four water parks where visitors can swim with dolphins

If you love dolphins and would like to swim with them, then the Dominican Republic is the place for you.

The country currently has four dolphin parks, three in the Punta Cana region – in the country’s easternmost region – and Ocean World, in the north coast.

The Dolphin Explorer, the Dolphin Island Park and Manatí Park are all situated in the Punta Cana region, and Ocean World just minutes away from the north coast city of Puerto Plata.

This particular resort has received various international awards.

Dolphin Island Park

This was the first dolphin park built in the open sea in the entire Caribbean region.  The park also features sea lions.

Dolphin Park appears in the list of attractions to see while in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

The list is compiled by visitors to the Tripadvisor website. Visits to the water park are organized by tour operators.

The price to swim with the dolphins is US$140, and US$75 to swim with the sea lions.

For more information, please visit

Dolphin Explorer

In addition to interacting with dolphins, the Dolphin Explorer includes swimming and diving possibilities with sharks, sting rays, seals and sea lions.

Also featured is a one-hour catamaran ride, with a 30-minute snorkeling dive and one hour of swimming in a natural pool situated within the park.

This particular park has been highly recommended by travelers who visit the TripAdvisor website.

Through the website they have expressed their comments regarding the incredible beauty of the park and its natural surroundings.

The possibility of swimming with sharks and stingrays is also a big plus with visitors.

Manatí Park

This particular theme park offers visiting packages through tour operators and hotel representatives.  It also provides facilities for visitors to swim alongside the dolphins.

Also in the park:  horse shows, parrots, sea lions, a Taino dance spectacle and the recreation of a Taino village.  The park has a special program to reproduce native species currently on the endangered species list.

The price to swim with the dolphins: US$110. General admission for adults: (US$30), and children US$15. For more information:

Ocean World

Situated in Cofresi Beach, some ten minutes from the north coast city of Puerto Plata, is the Ocean World Adventure Park, Marina & Casino.

The park has been selected by tourism-oriented website as the second best attraction in the Caribbean.

It has received the  Award for Excellence, issued by TripAdvisor.

The Thomson tour operator group also distinguished the park with a similar Excellence Award. The US newspaper “The Sunpost” called it “the best entertainment complex in the Caribbean.”

It includes a marina, dolphin, bird, fish tanks and exotic animals. Also a casino, restaurant and disco with stunning panoramic sea on moonlit nights.

Swimming with dolphins costs $ 165 for adults and children, $ 120. For further information:

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