ECOTRIPS: The Damajagua Lagoons

Many believe that the Damajagua River, found in the country’s north coast, created 27 lagoons as it made its way from the highlands to the northern plains of the Dominican Republic.

This beautiful river, situated in the province of Puerto Plata – on the country’s north coast – is easily found by visitors traveling along the main highway in the town of “Los Llanos de Perez,” north of the city of Santiago, the country’s second largest city.

The river is not only easily reachable, but road signs will take the visitor directly to it.

Locals are also a good source of information, since in the past few years the river and the lagoons have become an important eco-tourism attraction in the area.

The lagoons, and the area they are located in, have been declared a natural monument.  A day-trip to the “Damajagua Lagoons” will surely turn into an unforgettable experience due to the region’s incredible beauty.  The lagoons, the lush vegetation, and the fresh and crystal clear waters all come together to make this a must attraction for many visitors.

The “Damajagua” River makes its way through a limestone landscape.

In some cases, the co-op that manages this natural attraction has made the area more accessible by installing rustic wooden ladders or ropes in order to avoid accidents in some of the slippery passages that will lead the visitor from one lagoon to the other.

There is also an excellent Visitor’s Reception Center at the entrance to the site, as well as ample parking space.

This is a must visit for families with children, because everyone will truly enjoy this very natural water park.

In order to guarantee everyone’s safety, all tours include a professional guide that will help the visitor enjoy to the fullest the visit to the pools.

Life jackets and helmets are always provided.

Contact information for co-op guides:
Phone: 809-250 4200
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Adolfo Lopez
Environmental Consultant

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