Cruise from finland visits Santo Domingo

The Kristina Cruise became the first Finnish cruise ship to visit the Dominican Republic.

The ship docked at the port of Sans Souci, in Santo Domingo, during the launching of the 2011-2012 cruise season.

The Kristina Katarina arrived on Wednesday, January 18, bringing on board some 400 Finnish passengers.

The ship will visit the port of Santo Domingo four times during the current cruise ship season.

The ship’s captain, Mikko Partanen, and Victor Macarrulla, a member of the Sans Souci Executive Committee Ports, participated in the plaque-exchange ceremony between the ship and the port.

The ship will stay in Santo Domingo some 36 hours, time in which the passengers will be able to enjoy an evening of Dominican parties, city tours, a beach day and a visit to a cocoa production plant.

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