Watch the Whales from the Comfort of Your Hotel Balcony

The whale watching season in Samaná, in the country’s northeast section, begins January 15 and ends the last week of March.

Visitors can now watch the amazing spectacle put on by the annual migration to the waters of the Caribbean of the humpback whales from the comfort of their hotel balcony.

Most visitors who want to see the whales in their natural environment will usually go to the Whale Lookout Post in Punta Balandra, Samaná, or get on one of the many boats that offer special excursion to see the whales up close and personal.

This year, however, visitors can actually enjoy the spectacle from the balcony of the Hotel Vista Mare apartments, a resort located on a hill just off the coast of “Cayo Levantado,” one of the region’s most scenic keys.

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Whale watching in the Dominican Republic is regulated by the Ministry of the Environment.  Authorized vessels that offer whale-watching excursions can do so after nine o’clock in the morning, leaving from the port of Samaná.

The 30-minute tour will bring the tourists up close to the huge marine mammals and their young.

Samaná Bay has been recognized internationally as the primary site in the Caribbean to observe these gentle sea giants.

About 40,000 tourists travel each year to the port of Samaná to take the 30-minute whale watching tour.

The province of Samaná is a mountainous peninsula marked by an intense relationship with the sea.

The region is famous for its lush tropical vegetation and thousands upon thousands of coconut trees that are found both on the nearby hills and beaches.

Located just two hours northeast of the capital city of Santo Domingo, Samaná now features an international modern airport.

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