Waterfalls, Natural Springs and Forests in the “Los Haitises” National Park

The “Los Haitises” National Park offers three spectacular ecotourism tours:  The “Caño Hondo” (Deep Canyon); the “Sendero del Bosque Húmedo” (Trail of the Rain Forest); and the “Manantial del Ojo del Cielo” (Eye of Heaven Spring).  All are easily accessible, although groups and individuals should always be accompanied by a park ranger in order to get to the most impressive and exotic spots the park has to offer.

The “Caño Hondo” waterfall is the welcome attraction to those entering the park through “Sabana de La Mar,” a nearby seaside village.  It is from this village that visitors board the boats that will take them through a crystal clear channel surrounded by fabulous mangrove trees to the Bay of San Lorenzo. The ride is impressive and visitors can observe the large numbers of waterfowl and colorful blue herons. The “Eye of Heaven Spring” is out on the bay of San Lorenzo.  To access the secluded site visitors must walk some 20 minutes along a wooded path.  Further along, the visitor will reach an impressive cavern that leads to a fresh water river.  Once in the cavern there is a tunnel that leads the eyes to the clear-blue sky, therefore the name given to the place: the “Eye of Heaven.”

The Trail of the Rain Forest is a mile long path set between the “Los Haitises” forest, where the visitor can truly capture the astounding beauty of the surrounding hills. The trail will either begin or end, depending on the point of departure, at the “Caño Hondo” Hotel or in a waterfall surrounded by mangroves on the shores of the bay of San Lorenzo.

(Tours leaving from Sabana de La Mar: Hotel Caño Hondo,809-248-5995info@paraisocanohondo.com. Tours from Samaná: Motomarina: 809-538-2302,info@motomarinaclub.com) Adolfo Lopez, Environmental Consultant.

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