New Samana Highway Features Spectacular Views of Northern Coastline

This much-awaited highway recently opened, and it will surely facilitate travel between Samana – on the country’s northeast corner – and the rest of the country. The Atlantic Boulevard is a modern highway featuring breathtaking views of the nearby coastal areas and mountains.  The highway connects all of the region’s major tourist communities, such as Santa Barbara de Samana, Las Terrenas, Las Galeras and El Limon, with the rest of the country, especially with Santo Domingo.

Most importantly, the highway will significantly shorten the distance between the region and Santo Domingo, the capital city. The highway winds its way through some of the region’s most breathtaking areas, such as “Los Haitises” National Park, the Bay of Scotland and the most beautiful sections of the country’s Atlantic Coast.

The Samana Peninsula is surrounded by some of the country’s most beautiful beaches, all lined with coconut trees and impressive lush tropical mountains.

In 2009 the Bay of Samana was included amongst a listing of the Most Beautiful Bays in the World, a list that included the San Francisco Bay, in the U.S., Ha Long in Vietnam Chaleur Baies in Quebec, Canada, and the Gulf of Morbihan and the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel in France.

It is the only place in the Caribbean where visitors can observe, up close and personal, the humpback whales that visit the region each year during January through March.  The recently inaugurated international airport makes access to the region much easier.  Las Terrenas is a beach-front community situated on the Atlantic Coast of the Samana Peninsula.  The community is dotted with hotels and resorts, villas and apartments. In the last few years this former fishing village has blossomed into a dynamic resort community offering a wide range of small hotels, restaurants and evening entertainment.

Hundreds of French, German, Spanish, Italian nationals have settled there in the last few years and, together with the local Dominican community, have created a unique multi-cultural community.

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