Fly – In Visit Barahona

Sixteen American pilots recently visited the Casa Bonita Tropical Lodge, an idyllic boutique hotel situated in the province of Barahona, on the country’s southwest region.  The visit was pa

rt of the “Fly-In” Dominican Republic Promotional Tour.  The main goal is to promote the country as an ideal destination for hundreds of private aircraft owners who visit the Caribbean annually.  James Parker, president of “Caribbean Flying Adventures,” arranged the visit and praised the beauty of the boutique hotel owned by a Schiffino family.

The pilots also visited the country’s main tourist areas.  The event was co-sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism.  The Casa Bonita Tropical Lodge is a boutique hot

el with 12 suites elegantly designed in a rustic ambiance.  It is located in the southwest coast of the Dominican Republic, and is surrounded by a tropical forest, rivers and mountains.

The boutique hotel, a member of “Small Luxury Hotels,” signed an agreement with Prototel International, a company that operates markets and develops elite boutique hotels around the world, especially in Spain, Mexico, France and Nicaragua.

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