A Community Hotel in the Caribbean’s Highest Mountain Chain

The “Sonido del Yaque” is a new tourism facility situated in the “Los Calabazos” community, in the mountain town of Jarabacoa.  The town is situated in the heart of the Caribbean’s highest mountain chain.

This innovative community ecotourism project, co-sponsored by the US Agency for International Development (USAID), has been developed by local peasant families.   Nestled in the heart of the mountain chain, the project offers visitors the possibility of staying in rustic thatched-roof cabins.

One of the project’s most impressive features is that this tourism establishment is run entirely by women, organized through the “La Nueva Esperanza” Women’s Association.

In total, the project benefits 35 peasant families.  It features six cabins, a restaurant and depends on its own renewable energy systems and water supply, also managed by the community.

The project also has its own water treatment plant, equipped with four bio-digesters which, in turn, produce biogas which is later used as fossil fuel to produce hot water for the kitchen area.

The project’s name refers to the tranquil sounds produced by the Yaque River as it makes its way through the steep mountains of the region.

For more information on this innovative tourism project please write to: Sonidodelyaque@gmail.com.

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