The “Salto El Limon” Waterfall: A Must Visit for Eco-Tourism Lovers

The “Salto El Limon” waterfall is an idyllic destination situated in the Samana Peninsula, near the village of “El Limon.” This is a protected area that has been declared a “Natural Monument” by the local authorities.  The “Salto El Limon” waterfall is one of several scenic waterfalls found in the region. Reaching the waterfall is part of the exciting tour to the region. Visitors can reach it either on foot or on horseback. Tours could also include an exciting ride through the river itself.  For that, interested parties should contact Santiago, the owner of Rancho Santi, who will provide the necessary equipment and experience in this adventure-filled tour through one of the country’s most beautiful regions.

The tours will usually leave from one of the twelve “tour stops” found along the road that connects the city of Samana to the “El Limon” village. Al “tour stops” are clearly identified with signs offering visits to “El Limon.”  All stops offer horse rental facilities (for those who want to ride up to the waterfall on horseback), and a typical Dominican lunch.  The one-mile ride is done through a scenic trail that will lead to the breathtaking waterfall.  Before reaching the final destination, visitors will go through shallow creeks, take in breathtaking mountain views, and also enjoy the incredible beauty of the “Indian Tail” waterfall.

At the waterfall, hikers can take a refreshing swim right under the waterfall. An incredible site will be watching the young locals jump from the top of the waterfall to the clear pond below. For more information, call Rancho Santi at 829-342-9976, or write to Adolfo Lopez at

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