“Parque Nacional del Este” Offers Unique Diving Possibilities

The coral reef known as “The Aquarium”, situated in the “Parque Nacional del Este”, received its name from local and international divers who thought they were in an aquarium when they dived in and around the reef such was the great variety of colorful species that call this particular diving spot home.  The reef is populated with an impressive amount of marine life.  There are moray eels watching from their underwater caves, manta rays that elegantly glide through the clear-blue waters and countless schools of fish everywhere.  In short, the coral reefs found in the National Park offer divers – even beginners – an unforgettable experience.  This particular diving site is some 12 meters deep.

Another excellent diving site is “La Parguera,” some 17 meters deep, found near Saona Island, off the coast of La Romana.  This particular diving site is known for a population of large fish.  Divers can sometimes run into the inoffensive cat shark.  Turtles, and an occasional old tortoise, are also common sights.

Divers may also visit the wreck of the “Saint George”, a great freighter sunk off the coast of the Dominicus Beach. Its iron hull is now covered with marine organisms and given the depth at which it is located (25 to 35 meters), it is a place for experienced divers.  Schools of barracudas are common sights.

(Diving excursions to the Parque Nacional del Este from Viva Dominicus: 686-5658, ext. 8053, vivadiving@yahoo.it) Adolfo Lopez, Environmental Consultant.

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