Santo Domingo: The City of Joy

The new Santo Domingo ad campaign will feature the Dominican capital, and the first city of the Americas, as the City of Joy.  The new campaign and slogan summarizes one of the most important characteristics of the city, and its population of three million.  Today Santo Domingo is by far one of the largest cities in the Caribbean.

An important tourism destination, Santo Domingo features an important colonial past.  However, the Dominican capital also features important aspects of a thriving and very modern Caribbean city.

Art, culture, music and gastronomy are abundant in the capital city.  Its cultural foundation can be found in the coming together of the Spanish conquistadors and African slaves. Modern day Santo Domingo also features important elements of US culture.

This new ad campaign, put together by the Tourism Cluster and the Offices of the Mayors of Greater Santo Domingo, hopes to bring to the foreground one of the Dominican Republic’s most important characteristic: the friendliness of its people.  The idea is to promote the idea that each visitor is a friend.

Santo Domingo, as the “City of Joy”, expresses the happiness expressed by Dominicans through music, history, art, cultural expressions, and arts and crafts.

Joy is everywhere: on the boardwalk where traditional carnivals and merengue festivals are celebrated; in a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride while contemplating the moon or the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea.

In the capital city’s Colonial Section, joy is found in the daily tours given through colonial monuments that have witnessed important historic events, and in the many restaurants, bars and entertainment options found in Santo Domingo.

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