Innovative Tours Feature Daily Life of Dominicans

Vacationing in the country’s world-class beaches is a wonderful experience enjoyed by all.  Sunshine, white-sand beaches, sparkling waters will guarantee the visitor an unforgettable holiday.  However, the beaches are only a small part of everything the Dominican Republic has to offer. For those who would like to learn more about the Dominican Republic and Dominicans in general, there is another possibility: “The Real Thing.”

The tour offers the international visitor the possibility of learning more about Dominican culture through its citizens.   The tours take place in Santo Domingo, the capital city.  The Colonial Section tour will take the visitor through the area’s most important monuments, and provide information on mysterious episodes linked to particular monuments.

The tour includes a visit to a local family, which will greet the visitors with the typical Dominican hospitality.  A special meal will be served, as well as refreshments.  After this first stop, participants will take a tour of a Dominican neighbourhood where they will visit local artisans and visit historic monuments found in that particular neighbourhood.  The tour ends in a popular local bar, where the visitors will receive dance classes.  Partial proceeds from the tour will go toward a special education fund for children in that particular neighbourhood.  For more information, please write to: ( )

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