Impressive Ecological and Archaeological Trail in Bayahibe

Situated in the “Parque Nacional del Este,” near the Bayahibe beach-front community, is the “Padre Nuestro” hiking trail.  The trail was created to offer the visitor the possibility of walking through one of the country’s most impressive ecological and archaeological routes, and will take the visitor through various caves that feature fresh water springs.  The two-kilometer long trail makes its way through lush vegetation dotted with caves once used by the island’s original inhabitants.  Some of the most popular fresh water springs are the “Lechuza,” the “Chicho” and the “La Jarda.”

The “Lechuza” spring is truly impressive, although reaching it will require certain physical skills and equipment due to its location.  In the entrance to the cave the visitors will observe pre-Hispanic drawings made by the native inhabitants of the region.  At the bottom of the cave, some 20 meters below, lies a beautiful fresh-water spring.

The “Chicho” is the next underground lake found on the trail. The lake is truly impressive, not only for its beauty but for its dimensions as well.   Visitors can enjoy a refreshing dip in this ancient spring.  Visitors must take flashlights with them, because the cave is dark. Further on, hikers will encounter spectacular cliffs, completely covered with lush tropical vegetation.  This geological fault overlooks a valley.  From the cliffs the visitor will enjoy a truly impressive view of the “Parque Nacional del Este.”

For more information on visiting the trail, please contact the La Romana-Bayahibe Hotel Association at 829 521 3398, or write to To contact the Guides Association of “Padre Nuestro” please call 829 520 9155. Adolfo Lopez, Environmental Consultant.

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