Important Cultural Center opens in the Country’s Southwest Region

The Perelló Cultural Center was inaugurated recently to promote the rich cultural and ecological particularities of the town of Bani.  Situated on the country’s southwest region, Bani has a rich history of great contributions to Dominican cultural.  Even though the region is only 792-square kilometer, it is home to an impressive array of ecological eco-systems. Packed in this area are systems that go from desert-like conditions to lush tropical rain forests. This particular area alone has five protected ecological regions due to the diversity of the eco-systems.

The center was founded and sponsored by the Perelló family, the owners of the “Induban” company, the country’s most important coffee producer. The Perelló Cultural Center features a modern auditorium, an exhibition hall, a media center, two multi-purpose rooms, a cafeteria, an outdoor terrace, gardens, parking and administrative offices.

This modern cultural center will be home to permanent art exhibits and will provide a wide range of cultural activities. It will also have an extensive library, featuring the history of the region.

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