During January-June: Tourist Arrivals Up By 4.3%

Tourist arrivals to the Dominican Republic grew by 4.3% during the first semester of this year. Overall, the country’s international airports handled over two million passengers, more than 82,621 than the number registered during the same period in 2010. In total, the airports received 2.4 million passengers, representing a 3.6% increase from last year’s numbers.

The main reason for this jump, say analysts, is the 47.7% increase experienced in tourists coming in from South America, mainly Argentina ( 20,851), Brazil (19,366), Chile (6,076), Colombia (3,307) and Peru (2,866).

Tourists from North America accounted for 32,721. From this total, 29,895 came from the United States and the rest from Canada and Mexico. Today, Americans represent 34.2% of tourist arrivals, while Canadians make up 22.7%, representing 57.4% of all arrivals. Europe, on the other hand, represents 8.5% of all arrivals, South America 9.2%, and Central America and the Caribbean 4.4%.

During the months of January through June, the number of visitors from Russia jumped by 59.2% (19,329), Germany by 5.6% (5,064), Italy by 8.2% (4,063) and France, by 1.9% (2,634).

United States34.2
Puerto Rico2.61

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