Sea Lion Cub Celebrates First Birthday in Puerto Plata Water Park

“Chado,” the sea lion born in the Ocean World Adventure Park, Marina & Casino in Puerto Plata, on the country’s north coast, recently celebrated his first birthday.

“Chado’s” big bash birthday celebration was held on July 24.  The staff organized a special celebration in honor of “Chado,” whom they described as an “exemplary son.” Since his birth, the baby sea lion is reported to have an excellent relationship with mother “Chacha.”

“Chado” is a South American sea lion. Its scientific name is “Otaria flavescens”, also known as “Otaria byroni.” Sea lion cubs are born after an 11-month pregnancy. Today, this particular sea lion species has been placed on the endangered species list. In 2006 another important event took place at the Park:  the birth of “Lili,” a bottlenose dolphin.

The Ocean World Adventure Park, Marina & Casino is located in the Puerto Plata tourism region.  The park offers visitors a wide range of attractions and facilities, such as a marina, dolphin water tank, bird sanctuary, impressive fish tanks, exotic animals, a casino, restaurant and nightclub, from where guests can enjoy a fascinating view of the ocean, especially on moonlit nights.

The park was selected as the second best attraction in the Caribbean in 2010 by visitors to In addition, the facility recently received the 2011 Award for Excellence issued by TripAdvisor and also by world-famous tour operator Thomson for the quality of its facilities.

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