Exotic “Bayahibe Rose” Is Now The Country’s National Flower

The Dominican National Congress recently approved the bill that named the beautifully exotic “Bayahibe Rose” as the country’s national flower.  The flower, endemic to the Bayahibe resort community – on the country’s eastern region – will now appear on the country’s paper currency and will receive much-deserved special attention and consideration.

The dark-pink “Pereskia Quisqueyana,” the scientific name of the exotic flower, is native to the Bayahibe region, situated some 15 minutes east of La Romana, one of the Caribbean’s most important tourism destinations. Currently on the endangered species list, the Bayahibe community has rallied around the beautiful flower and is taking action to multiply it as much as possible. The Pereskya gender is a flowered cacti and the “Quisqueya” species is known for its beautiful flowers.  In total, there are seventeen species of this kind, including five that are native to the Dominican Republic.  Two, specifically, are endemic to the region. This particular species grows in humid or semi-wet tropical surroundings.

In 1977 botanist Alain Henry Liogier discovered pollen from this plant that dated some 1,300 years before Christ. Today, the Bayahibe region – famous for its world-class beaches – is a major tourist attraction, especially for Italian tourists visiting the Caribbean.

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