Santo Domingo Included In List of Worldwide Destinations

The city of Santo Domingo was the only Caribbean destination included in the MasterCard list of world-renowned international tourism destinations.  The listing includes the world’s 132 most visited cities by international tourists.

In Latin America, Santo Domingo came in seventh among the top 10 nations in the region that receive the highest number of international visitors.  It is the only Caribbean city included in the list.

In Latin America, Santo Domingo is surpassed only by Sao Paulo (Brazil), Mexico City, Buenos Aires (Argentina), Lima (Peru), Bogota (Colombia) and San Jose (Costa Rica).

In the list, appearing under Santo Domingo – which according to the rating received more than one million tourists during 2010 – are Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Caracas (Venezuela) and Quito (Ecuador).

MasterCard explained that the listing seeks tourism destinations in emerging markets that recorded a high level of tourist arrivals via air transportation and experienced an increase in profit margins.  The company also explained that “Santo Domingo’s most important cities are New York, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Madrid, Boston and Orlando.”

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