Program To Protect Endangered Dominican Bird

The Hispaniola Ornithological Society, the Punta Cana Ecological Foundation, the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources, along with The Peregrine Fund (TPF), recently announced the creation of a special program which hopes to protect the Hispaniola Hawk, an endemic bird currently on the endangered species list.

Only 300 birds are said to be in the island, with an important concentration of the species in the Punta Cana tourism region.  The bird is currently on the endangered species list of the International Union for Nature Conservancy.

The project seeks to reintroduce the Hispaniola Hawk to the Punta Cana area in order to guarantee their survival.  One of the areas to be used by the program is the Punta Cana Ecological Foundation (sponsored by the Puntacana Group, one of the country’s most important tourism consortiums). The program will include educational activities in the surrounding communities in order to raise awareness among the local population on the importance of preserving this endemic bird.

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