Flights to Punta Cana increase by 54% this summer

Flights between the United States and Punta Cana, on the country’s easternmost region, are expected to grow this summer by 54%.  A special report issued by the Punta Cana International Airport indicates that so far this year some 283 flights arrived in the modern facility.  Projected arrivals during the first semester surpassed initial numbers by 154 additional arrivals.

The total number of seats is estimated to be at more than 360,000, an increment of 48% (more than 22,000) in comparison with the more than 337,000 registered last year.

American Airlines is the major carrier with 517, followed by US Airways (511 flights), USA 3000 (315), JetBlue (241), Airtran Airways (230), Continental (219) and Delta (145).

During the January-May period of this year the number of tourist arriving from the United States grew by 6.4%.  Some 546,000 individuals, in comparison with 513,000 registered last year, arrived through the country’s various international airport terminals.  Of this number, fifty-five percent arrived through Punta Cana, 26% through Santo Domingo and 10% through Puerto Plata, on the country’s north coast.

In 2009, in total, 1.1 US citizens visited the Dominican Republic, representing 33.7% of the 3.4 million tourists that came in through the country’s various points of entry.  In 2010 that figure was 1.2 million, 34.6% of the 3.5 million tourists that visited the country.


For this summer, some 619 flights from Canada are expected to arrive through Punta Cana International Airport, eight more than the total number registered last year.  The most important carrier is Sunwing, with 154 flights, followed by Air Canada (131), Canjet (127), West Jet (114) and Air Transat (93).

During the months of January-March 2011 some 435,000 Canadian tourists visited the Dominican Republic.  Seventy-three percent of this total number came in through Punta Cana, 18% through Puerto Plata and 4% to Samana.  In 2009 some 650,000 Canadian tourists visited the country.  In 2010 that number came in at 662,000, a two percent increase over the previous year.

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