Adventurous Rafting for Beginners in the Heart of the Caribbean

Rafting in the Caribbean? Yes, exactly in the “Yaque del Norte,” the Caribbean’s most important river and the longest in the Dominican Republic.  It was precisely in this river where lovers of this particular extreme sport first practiced it.  In the Dominican Republic, however, rafting is practiced as a low-risk sports activity.

Unlike other destinations where rafting is considered to be an extreme sport, in the Dominican Republic rafting in the “Yaque del Norte” river has been conceived for the moderate adventurer.

The “Yaque del Norte” river begins its 296 kilometer journey high up in the Central Mountain region of the Dominican Republic.  In its journey its cuts across the mountain town of Jarabacoa, one of the country’s most beautiful cities.  Situated some 2,580 meters above sea level, the town offers visitors spring-like temperatures throughout most of the year.

The only requirements to board one of the inflatable rafting boats, all accompanied by professional guides, are simple:  know how to swim, be over 12 years of age, and be in good health and physical condition.

The guides will offer a brief and basic training course before participants board the boats that will take them through an exciting tour of small waterfalls and breathtaking scenery.  The tour organizers provide wetsuits, life jackets, special shoes and helmets.

The rafting excursions are organized by “Rancho Baiguate” (, located a few miles outside of the mountain city of Jarabacoa.  Other companies providing the tours are Colonial Tour and Travel and Debbie’s Dominican Travel.

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