1.2 Million English Tourists Visit the Dominican Republic

During the 2005-2010 period some 1.2 British tourists visited the Dominican Republic.  Ninety percent of these tourists came in through the Punta Cana International Airport, situated on the country’s easternmost region, while the rest came in through the Puerto Plata airport, the north coast’s most important tourism destination.

During the months of January-May 2011 a total number of 52,491 British tourists, equivalent to three percent of the 1.7 million visitors that traveled to the Dominican Republic, visited the country.  In total, Dominican airports during this period received a total of 2.1 million passengers, 4.3% more than during the same time period in 2010.

England has become the country’s fourth largest tourism marketplace in Europe, and the sixth worldwide.  In order of importance, the country’s most important markets in Europe are France, Spain, Germany, England and Italy.  The first two countries heading the list are the United States (35%) and Canada (19%).

Last year approximately 1.2 million European tourists visited the country through local international airports.  That number was 20% from France, 17% from Spain, 16% from Germany, 8% from Italy and 7% from Russia.  In total, during this five-year period 7.7 million European citizens visited the Dominican Republic.

The results for 2010 indicate that the preferred destination for British tourists in the Dominican Republic was the country’s easternmost region (52% arrived through Punta Cana, for a total of 84,286 persons).  Coming in second was the North Coast (38% came in through Puerto Plata’s International Airport, for a total of 62,351 persons).  The other preferred destination was the La Romana-Bayahibe (6%) region, situated some two hours east of Santo Domingo, the capital city, where more than 10,000 British tourists stayed in the area.

This year the Punta Cana airport will handle 234 flights, a similar number to the one registered last year.  Thomson is responsible for 130 flights, while British and Thomas Cook will be responsible for 52 each.  In Puerto Plata, on the country’s north coast, British tourists represent 15% of the overall number of visitors, while Punta Cana came in with 4% and La Romana with 8%.

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