Fashion Capital of the Caribbean

Santo Domingo has become the most important point of reference when it comes to Caribbean fashion. In the past few years the Dominican capital has been the venue for various fashion events.  During the fall, for instance, the country hosts the “Dominicana Modas” fashion extravaganza, where dozens of national and international designers come together in Santo Domingo to exhibit their particular fashion collection.

This year the event will be held from October 17-22, also at the Occidental El Embajador hotel.

During this particular event designers from various Caribbean, Latin American and other nations will exhibit their particular fashion style. In the last few years, the event has attracted international fashion figures such as Carolina Herrera, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Hannibal Laguna and Hernán Zajar.

Another important fashion event held in the Dominican Republic is the ”Caribbean Fashion Week.”   This year the event will be held from May 31 through June 4 in Santo Domingo’s tourism port.

This year, Nicole Miller will represent the United States.  Other internationally famous designers attending the event will be Carlos Campos (Honduras), Custo Dalmau (Spain) and Benito Fernandez (Argentina). Also in attendance will be Stella Nolasco and Eddie Guerrero (Puerto Rico), and Silvia Shazadi (Venezuela).

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