Tobacco and tourism in La Romana

A year ago, the Tabacalera de Garcia, based in La Romana, launched a special program designed to show tourists the entire process used in the making of Dominican cigars. So far, some twenty thousand tourists have participated in the tours. Currently,, the Dominican Republic is the largest producer of handmade cigars.

Ruben Gonzalez, commercial director of  Tabacalera de Garcia, provided the information in the recently held Dominican Annual Tourism Exchange (DATE 2011), the country’s most important tourism fair sponsored by the Association of Hotels and Restaurants of the Dominican Republic (ASONAHORES).

Most of the visitors that have participated in the tour have been guests of the “Casa de Campo” luxury resort, situated in the city of La Romana, in the country’s eastern section, as well as cruise passengers. The La Romana port is situated some 700 meters from the tobacco factory, situated just a few yards from Casa de Campo’s main entrance.

Anyone interested in the tour can make their own reservations through the company’s electronic websites ( or (  Also, reservations can be made through tour operators, which will include the visit as part of their overall tour package. During the tour visitors can purchase the cigars they wish to take home with them.


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