Organic Coffee Festival in the Cool Mountains of Barahona

The Eighth Annual Organic Coffee Festival will take place from June 3-5 in Polo, Barahona, a community situated in the heart of the mountains of the country’s southwest region.

The event, an important cultural event, truly represents what a Dominican “country” celebration is all about. Through its website ( all interested parties may contact the organizers to set up tours and obtain information on the event.

FestiCafé 2011 is a harvest celebration.  Every year more and more visitors join in the celebration.  For instance, the festival includes popular celebrations such as carnival groups from the region, traditional singers and dancers, regional poetry, theater, exhibits, arts and crafts, ecotourism tours and tours that will take the visitor through the entire coffee production process.  The tour includes the Fourth Azua-Barahona-Polo Bicycle Race (three important southwest towns), as well as fora on economic solidarity, ecology, culture, education, gender and municipal development.

The town of Polo is known for its impressive mountains, suitable for growing the finest coffee.  Also, its climate – with unusual low temperatures – provides the perfect climate for long walks where the visitor will be able to enjoy the exotic and breathtaking landscape.  For more information on the festival, visit: and/or

Coffee and Tourism

The town of Polo is situated some one thousand meters above sea level, in the heart of this lush mountain range.  Its particular location explains its cool year-round climate. The surrounding hills provide an impressive reserve of the region’s flora and fauna. The region is known for its coffee plantations.  And, in the past few years, it has become a sanctuary for organic coffee farms. Visitors now have the opportunity to enjoy the organic coffee path.  Walking trails will take the visitor right to the coffee plantations, all beautifully shaded by the region’s lush vegetation.

The area has become an attractive destination for eco-tourists, where they will be able to enjoy everything the surrounding mountains have to offer, including their natural beauty, southern cuisine, delicious organic coffee, and the kindness of its people.


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